The Jvari church is located on a mountaintop overlooking the city of Mtskheta from the east. It is said that the conversion of King Mirian of Iberia by St Nino took place here in the year 337. A wooden cross was erected in the site and later, in 545 a small church. The current church was built between 590 and 605 by Stepanoz I, the duke of Kartli. In the middle ages the church was fortified by a stone wall and a gate. The interior of the church is rather simple with no frescoes on the wall and few decorations. The church is accessible with a 15km long road from Mtskheta and is a UNESCO world heritage site.
01 Parking 02 View of Jvari church from parking 03 Jvari monastery ruins 04 Jvari monastery ruins 05 Jvari monastery ruins
06 Jvari church 07 Jvari church 08 Crosses in Jvari church 09 Dome
10 Candles 11 Jvari church interior 12 Jvari church interior 13 Crosses in Jvari church 14 Stone bas-relief 15 Archway
16 Mtskheta with Kura and Aragvi rivers
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