Gori is a small city of 48000 inhabitants located in the centre of Georgia, 60km northwest of Tbilisi. Gori is mainly known as the birthplace of Joseph Stalin and hosts the Joseph Stalin Museum which is dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin. The museum lies on a compound containing a palace built in Stalinist Gothic style (the actual museum, whose construction started in 1951), Stalin's personal railway carriage (armour plated, weighing 83 tons) and the house of Stalin (a small wooden hut, in which Stalin was born in 1878). The Stalin museum contains a number of halls over two floors, with exhibits about the life of Stalin, some of his personal effects and gifts made to him.
01 Stalin museum 02 Stalin museum 03 Stalin museum 04 Chandelier 05 Statue of Stalin
06 Staircase 07 Hall in Stalin museum 08 Bust of Stalin 09 Hall in Stalin museum
10 Hall in Stalin museum 11 Stalin death mask 12 Corridor 13 Stained glass window 14 Chandelier
15 Soviet art 16 Upper floor in Stalin museum 17 Stained glass window 18 Stalin personal railway carriage 19 Interior of Stalin personal carriage
20 Interior of Stalin personal carriage 21 Interior of Stalin personal carriage 22 Stalin personal carriage number 23 Stalin parents house 24 Stalin parents house
25 Silver spruce 26 Stalin museum
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