The Heydar Aliyev Centre is a 57500 m² building complex with a characteristic white colour curved shape. Located between Baku and the airport, it houses a conference hall, a gallery hall and a museum. Next to it is the Baku Congress Centre building. The Shikhov beach is a sandy beach about 10km south of Baku, next to the Ramada hotel. The seawater here is reasonably clean for swimming. The Azerbaijan state university of culture and arts was founded in 1923 and is Azerbaijan's main state-funded institution of higher education in performing arts.
01 Airport highway 02 Airport highway 03 Nariman Narimanov monument 04 Ural Kompozit manhole top
05 Heydar Aliyev centre 06 Heydar Aliyev centre
07 Heydar Aliyev center 08 Heydar Aliyev centre 09 Red and blue rabbit
10 Heydar Aliyev centre 11 Baku Congress centre 12 National Assembly building
13 Azerbaijan state philharmonic hall 14 Ramada hotel
15 Shikhov beach 16 Shikhov beach
17 Ramada hotel and beach 18 Aquatic Palace 19 Yarat contemporary art centre
20 Phone box 21 Dede Gorgud park 22 28 May metro station 23 Newspaper kiosk
24 Residential towers 25 Abdulvahab Salamzade street 26 Abdulvahab Salamzade street 27 Abdulvahab Salamzade street 28 Altes Plaza housing complex
29 Azerbaijan state university of culture and arts
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