Port Baku is a large and high end shopping mall in Baku which opened in September 2014. It has 32000 m² of floor space over three floors, but no food court. The Park Bulvar mall is located on the waterfront in the Milli park, on the Baku boulevard. It has four floors and offers mid-range to high end shopping. In the basement there is a supermarket, on the third floor there is a food court and on the fourth floor a cinema. The Ganclik mall (also known as Ganjlik or Gənclik mall) opened in April 2016 and has 55000 m² of floor space over three floors. It is located in the centre of Baku next to the Gənclik metro station. The interior is very spacious and bright. Also here there is a food court on the third floor. Mall 28 or 28 Mall opened in September 2012 and has 25000 m² of retail floor over three floors. It is located opposite the old railway station.
01 Port Baku mall 02 Port Baku mall 03 Port Baku mall
04 Park Bulvar mall 05 Park Bulvar mall 06 Ganclik shopping mall
07 Genclik mall 08 Ganclik shopping mall 09 Ganjlik mall 10 Ganclik shopping mall
11 Genclik mall 12 Ganjlik mall
13 Ganclik shopping mall 14 Genclik mall
15 Ataturk prospekt and Ganclik mall 16 28 Mall
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