The Flame Towers in Baku are a complex of three skyscrapers with a height of 190m, located on a hill overlooking Baku and its waterfront from the southwest. The towers have the shape of flames of a fire and were built between 2007 and 2012. At night they are illuminated with a system of more than 10000 LED lamps with which different colours and patterns are possible. The Flame Towers contain a hotel, apartments and offices.
01 Baku flame towers 02 Funicular Bahram Gur fountain and flame towers 03 Flame towers 04 Flame towers 05 Flame towers at dusk 06 Flame towers at night
07 Flame towers 08 Flame towers 09 Flame towers 10 Flame towers at dusk 11 Flame towers and residential towers
12 Flame towers at night 13 Flame towers at night 14 Flame towers at night
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