Ko Mak ist he third largest island of the Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park archipelago. On the north cape are the most beautiful beaches, coconut palm groves and coral-reefs. RaYang is a beautiful small island with a resort near the Koh Mak island. You can reach it with a little motorboat from the Resort “Monkey Island” on Koh Mak.
01 Beach on the island Koh Mak 02 Coconut shells on Koh Mak 03 Thai fruit on Koh Mak 04 Worker in a coconut palm plantation on Koh Mak 05 Coral pieces on the beach of little Rayang island
06 Beach on Rayang island 07 Sunshade on the beach on Rayang island 08 Rayang island resort bungalow 09 Beach on Rayang island 10 Sea mussels on Rayang island
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