Koh Chang, the so called “Elephant Island”, is with 492 square kilometers after Phuket the second largest island of Thailand. It is covered with dense rain-, mangrove- and palm forests. You can find beautiful white sand beaches, of which the biggest and most famous is Hat Sai Khao Beach on the north west coast.
01 Ao Sapparot the harbour of Koh Chang 02 White sand beach 03 White sand beach 04 White sand beach 05 White sand beach
06 Coconut palm plantation 07 Bungalows at the Hat Khlong Phrao beach 08 Little house of spirit to sacrifice Buddha 09 View on the Ko Yuak island 10 Hotel garden
11 Decorated fishing boot 12 Thai kitchen in Ban Bang Bao 13 Thai sea snails 14 Thai antediluvian fish
15 Elephant resort 16 Elephant resort 17 Elephant resort 18 Elephant resort 19 Mangrove woods in Ban Salak Khok
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