The Wahiba desert, also known as Wahiba sands, Ramlat al-Wahiba or Sharqiya sands, is a relatively small desert in northwest Oman, extending for 80km from east to west and 160km from north to south. The sand dunes are up to 100m high and are oriented from north to south. The desert was formed during the quaternary period as a result of winds blowing in the area. Since the Wahiba desert is relatively close to the ocean, it receives a lot of humidity so that in certain spots vegetation including trees grows. The desert is home to a rich fauna and flora. Several camps catering to tourists have been set up in the Wahiba desert. Typically these camps offer 1-3 days packages to tourists, which include the pickup by 4WD cars near Ibra, the Accommodation in tents, huts or other Accommodation and other activities.
Sand dunes photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Sand dunes
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26 photos of sand dunes in the Wahiba desert in Oman
18 photos of sand patterns in the Wahiba desert in Oman
22 miscellaneous photos of the Wahiba desert
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