Oman is a country located on the southeastern corner of the Arabian peninsula, bordering the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It has a relatively low population density, because it has an area of 309000 sq km and a population of 3.3 million inhabitants. Roughly one third of the population are expatriates (many from the Indian subcontinent), who work in a variety of economy sectors. Oman has a hot and desertic climate and is mostly flat, except for the extreme north and south of the country which are crossed by mountain ranges. Oman has been settled for 5000 years and experienced the peak of its power at the end of the 17th century, when Oman controlled territories in Africa. The country is completely Islamic and was one of the first countries to convert to Islam in the 7th century. The economy of Oman is based mostly on oil and gas extraction and the population enjoys a high living standard. Oman has an excellent network of roads and motorways, which is being continually improved.
Musandam photo gallery  - 66 pictures of Musandam
Muscat photo gallery  - 183 pictures of Muscat
Wahiba desert photo gallery  - 66 pictures of Wahiba desert
66 photos of the Musandam peninsula, an Oman exclave at the northeastern tip of the Arabian peninsula
183 photos of Muscat, the capital of Oman, a pleasant city on the gulf of Oman
66 photos of the Wahiba desert in northwest Oman
Al Ayn photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Al Ayn
Landscapes photo gallery  - 39 pictures of Landscapes
23 photos of the Al Ayn tombs, a set of bronze age tombs in beehive shape in northern Oman
39 photos of landscapes and coastal areas in Oman
Dhofar photo gallery  - 256 pictures of Dhofar
Jabrin castle photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Jabrin castle
Sur photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Sur
256 photos of the Dhofar, a region in southern Oman, referred to as the Land of Frankincense
29 photos of the Jabrin castle in central Oman
29 photos of Sur, a city along the coast in central Oman
Sohar photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Sohar
Central coast photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Central coast
15 photos of Sohar, a coastal city in northern Oman with a nice beach
23 photos of the central coast of Oman, with fishermen villages and beaches
The interior photo gallery  - 70 pictures of The interior
70 photos of the Oman interior: Rustaq, Nizwa, Bahla, Misfat, Al Mudayrib
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