The Jabrin castle, also known as Jabreen castle or حصن جبرين in Arabic, is located near Bahla in central Oman, 180km southwest of Muscat. It was built in 1675 by Imam Bil-arab bin Sultan and was an important science and Islamic law centre. From the exterior the castle looks like a fortress, but the interiors are complex and richly decorated and in fact the castle was the residence of the local sultan. The castle was completely restaurated in 1984.
01 Car parking 02 Jabrin fort 03 Main entrance 04 Jabrin castle
05 Jabreen fort 06 Jabrin castle 07 Tower 08 Omani family
09 Omani family 10 Tower 11 Inner courtyard 12 Jabreen castle
13 Graveled courtyard 14 Door 15 Women prayer area 16 Staircase
17 Ornamental door 18 Hall with carpets 19 Hall with carpets 20 Room with carpets 21 Lamp
22 Window 23 Inner courtyard 24 Carpeted room 25 Merlons and crenels
26 Palm farm and desert 27 Jabrin fort 28 Corner tower
29 Wall
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