A selection of pictures of Burmese people. If you visit Myanmar, you'll note that the people are a mix of Caucasian (Indian) and East Asian races. Three major migrations took place from the north into the country and nowadays the country, in addition to the Burmans, contains several different ethnic groups.
Most men in Myanmar still wear a type of sarong called longji. The Burmese are overwhelmingly Buddhist and the level of criminality seems to be very low.
01 Burmese man 02 Family in Shwedagon pagoda 03 Buddhist nuns 04 Pilgrims in Shwedagon pagoda 05 Burmese family 06 Yangon girl
07 Yangon lady 08 Vegetable sellers in Yangon 09 Food sellers in Yangon 10 Young mother in Bago 11 Young mother in Bago 12 Bago girl
13 Monks in Bago 14 Monks in Bago 15 Kyaiktiyo girl 16 Kin Pun Camp children 17 Weapon toys seller
18 Burmese ladies 19 Monk 20 Village lady 21 Village lady 22 Village children
23 Village children 24 Monastery lunch (Amarapura) 25 Mandalay girl 26 Mandalay girl 27 Pottery manufacture
28 Pot 29 Mandalay children 30 Mandalay beauty 31 Thanaka wood 32 Thanaka paste preparation
33 Thanaka paste preparation 34 Mandalay ladies 35 Bagan girl 36 Villagers 37 Villagers
38 Villagers 39 Villagers
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