This photo gallery contains a selection of pictures of agriculture in Myanmar. In the south of the country rice is the primary crop, however less in the centre and north of the country which are much dryer. There we saw palm, sesame and peanuts, and garlic plantations.
In December 2002, when we visited Myanmar, we saw very few tractors. Probably for cost reasons, oxen were used instead. I've never seen so many ox carts in my life. See the pictures of the cattle market and ox carts below. In lake Inle the Intha (the local people) have set up floating plantations. See the Inle lake photo gallery for more photos.
01 Ox cart 02 Rice fields 03 Rice fields 04 Rice fields
05 Rice harvest 06 Rice harvest 07 Cattle market 08 Cattle market
09 Cattle market 10 Cattle market 11 Ox watering 12 Ox cart
13 Tomato cultivation 14 Bee farm 15 Peanut oil press 16 Ox 17 Peanut oil press
18 Oil palm in Bagan plain 19 Sesame field in Bagan 20 Sesame 21 Garlic field 22 Garlic field
23 Sour plum harvest 24 Sour plum harvest 25 Sour plum harvest 26 Sour plum harvest
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