Taroudannt is a small historic city located in the Sous valley in southern Morocco, about 150km southwest of Marrakech and 70km east of Agadir. The historic core of Taroudannt is entirely surroundded by very well preserved city walls which is 6km long. Along the walls there are several gates which give access to the historic core. Taroudannt lacks big sights, but is a pleasant and nice city with old architecture, which can be used as a basis from which to exlore the surroundings. Taroudannt was the basis of the Almoravids in 1056 and became the capital of the Saadians in the 16th century.
01 City walls 02 Ramparts
03 Inside the walls 04 Northern gate 05 Passage Palmeraie fountain 06 Avenue Moulay Ismail 07 Passage Palmeraie fountain
08 Passage Palmeraie fountain 09 Bab Lakhmiss gate 10 Ramparts
11 Flowers 12 Place 20 Aout
13 Fountain 14 City walls
15 Bab el-Kasbah gate 16 Eastern gate 17 Riad Taroudant Palmiers 18 Riad Taroudant Palmiers
19 Cafe Les Cafes 20 Fruit seller 21 Caleche 22 Orange peels
23 Assarag square 24 Assarag mosque 25 Assarag minaret
26 Assarag square 27 Derb Cherif mosque 28 Northern gate
29 Northern gate
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