Agadir is a large city in Morocco, with a wide and long beach and a very well developed tourist infrastructure. It was completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in the 1960s and therefore lacks a historic core. It is located on the Atlantic coast, 200km southwest of Marrakech and 120km south of Essaouira. It has an international airport, a fishing harbour and an industrial area. The beach is sandy, wide and several km long. Agadir has mild winters and warm summers and over 300 days of sunshine per year.
01 Hotel Afoud 02 Cafe La Fontaine 03 English pub
04 Beach 05 Beach and sun
06 Agadir beach 07 Beach football 08 Beach
09 Beach soccer 10 White buildings 11 Beach and sun 12 Kids in the sea
13 Kids in the sea 14 Beach and sun 15 Promenade 16 Fast food restaurants
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