The Ouzoud waterfalls are located in the high Atlas mountains, about 160km northeast of Marrakech. They are formed by the Oued Ouzoud and are 110m high. The waterfalls can be easily visited as a daytrip from Marrakech. Both the top and the lower sections are easily accessible via paths and staircases. Around the waterfalls there are olive tree plantations and a population of barbary macaques.
01 Road to Ouzoud 02 Road to Ouzoud 03 Souvenir shop 04 Waterfall 05 Olive trees
06 Olive trees 07 Ouzoud valley 08 Oued el-Abid canyon 09 Monkey
10 Monkey 11 Monkeys 12 Olives basket 13 Olives 14 Olives
15 Olive trees 16 Ouzoud waterfall 17 Three monkeys 18 Ouzoud waterfall 19 Ouzoud waterfall 20 Ouzoud waterfall
21 Ouzoud waterfall
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