Welcome to the Putrajaya Photo Gallery. Here you'll find a selection of pictures of Putrajaya, the new administrative centre of Malaysia. Construction began in the mid-90s and was still going on in December 2002, when these Putrajaya photos were taken.
Putrajaya is located approx. 40 Km south of Kuala Lumpur and consists by 70% of green areas and water bodies. There are administrative buildings such as the Prime Minister's office complex, the residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, residential areas and the impressive Putra mosque, which incorporates Islamic architecture elements from countries such as Turkestan, Kazakzstan and Morocco.
01 Putra mosque 02 Putra mosque 03 Prime Minister office complex 04 Seri Perdana bridge 05 Putrajaya
06 Putra mosque 07 Putrajaya residential area 08 Putrajaya residential area 09 Putrajaya lake and bridge 10 Putrajaya
11 Prime Minister office complex 12 Putrajaya 13 Parking 14 Putrajaya park 15 Putrajaya park
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