Cloves, coffe and cocoa are grown on Flores. Clove flower buds are dried on plastic sheets in the sun after having been harvested from clove trees. All over the island there are rice paddies, either in the plains or in terraces along mountain slopes. Rice is grown even in the dry season, as Flores receives enough rain because of its mountain ranges. The Arak liquor is distilled out of fermented sugar obtained from the Palmyra palm.
01 Cloves drying in the sun 02 Cloves drying in the sun 03 Cloves 04 Cloves drying in the sun
05 Cloves 06 Rice plants 07 Rice plants 08 Kapok tree 09 Kapok tree fruits
10 Dry rice field 11 Lettuce 12 Coffee beans 13 Coffee beans
14 Cocoa beans drying in the sun 15 Cocoa beans drying in the sun 16 Cloves drying in the sun 17 Cloves drying in the sun
18 Terraced rice paddies 19 Terraced paddy fields 20 Terraced rice fields
21 Terraced paddy fields 22 Spiderweb rice field
23 Terraced rice paddies 24 Arak liquor distillery 25 Arak liquor distillery in Aimere 26 Palmyra palm 27 Cloves tree flowers
28 Cloves tree flowers 29 Cloves tree flowers 30 Cloves trees 31 Cloves trees 32 Cloves trees
33 Kapok tree fruits 34 Coffee beans drying in the sun 35 Cocoa beans 36 Terraced rice paddies
37 Terraced rice fields 38 Terraced rice fields 39 Rice paddy
40 Terraced paddy fields
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