Tangge is a small city in the plains, located half-way between Labuan Bajo and Ruteng. It is used as a stop on the journey between Labuan Bajo and Ruteng. Tangge has a simple roadside restaurant and a small market. Ruteng is a city in western Flores, the capital of the Manggarai region. It has an airport with flights to Selayar, Kupang, Waingapu, Ende and Bali. The Pu'u village is a small traditional village located on a hill overlooking Ruteng. It contains a couple of restorated traditional Manggarai houses. Borong is a small city located along the southern coast on the road from Ruteng to Bajawa. It is used by tourists as a place where to break the journey to Bajawa and has a cafe/restaurant (the Bougenvile bakery) and a petrol station. Bajawa is a town in central Flores, the capital of the Ngada region, and is located at 1100m of altitude about 30km inland from the southern coast. Bajawa is a suitable base from which to visit the traditional villages (Bela, Bena and Luba) and hot springs of the area. Bajawa has an airport with flights to Labuan Bajo, Kupang and Waingapu. Moni is a small village at 720m of altitude near Mt Kelimutu in central Flores. It has a number of guesthouses and a couple of simple cafes and restaurants. Tourists visiting Mt Kelimutu spend the night here. The place is rather basic, as there are no ATMs or real hotels.
01 Minibuses in Tangge 02 Schoolchildren in Tangge 03 Market in Tangge 04 Ruteng
05 St Vitalis church in Ruteng 06 St Vitalis church 07 Pu'u village 08 Pu'u village
09 Street in Ruteng 10 Regional Representatives Council in Ruteng 11 Pertamina petrol station in Borong 12 Bougenvile bakery in Borong
13 Bajawa 14 Bajawa 15 Bajawa
16 Street in Bajawa 17 Church and mosque in Bajawa 18 Bajawa market hall
19 Vegetables market 20 Bananas 21 Bananas 22 Bajawa market hall
23 Old market in Bajawa 24 Moni 25 Guesthouses in Moni 26 Boy in Moni 27 Boy in Moni
28 Guesthouse in Moni 29 Angi lodge in Moni 30 Moni
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