Thassos is a large island with a circular shape in northern Greece, located less than 10km from the coast and measuring roughly 25km from north to south and the same from east to west. It has a population of approx. 3000 inhabitants and has been settled since the Palaeolithic period
The terrain of Thassos is mountainous and gradually rises to it's highest point, Mt Ypsario at 1200m. There are roads leading to the interior, but they are bad and require 4WD cars. The economy is nowadays mostly focused on tourism.
The main reason to visit Thassos are its beaches and the picturesque coastline. The few beaches are a mix of pebblestone beaches and sand beaches. The coastline is steep and rocky in many sections.
How to get to Thassos
There are frequent car ferries connecting Keramoti on the mainland with Limenas on Thassos.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Ferry to Thassos 02 Cars on the ferry 03 Cars on the ferry
04 Pefkari bay 05 Pefkari beach
06 Pefkari beach 07 Pefkari beach 08 Pefkari beach
09 Pefkari bay at night 10 Coastal forest trail 11 Pefkari bay 12 Pefkari bay
13 Pefkari beach 14 Restaurant in Limenaria 15 Ferry to Thassos
16 Limenas harbour 17 Limenas harbour
18 Limenas harbour 19 Fishermen boats in Limenas
20 Limenas harbour
21 Limenas waterfront 22 Pancakes stall
23 Limenas 24 Coast near Giola lagoon
25 Coast near Giola lagoon 26 Giola lagoon 27 Giola lagoon
28 Rocky coast near Giola lagoon 29 Diving in Giola lagoon 30 Potos at night 31 Potos at night 32 Pefkari beach umbrellas
33 Beach near Akra Evraiokastro 34 Men fishing in Akra Evraiokastro 35 View from Akra Evraiokastro 36 Acropolis of Thassos
37 Acropolis of Thassos 38 Ancient theatre 39 Perdestrian area in Potos 40 Southern coast
41 Southern coast 42 Southern coast 43 Southern coast 44 Southern coast near Aliki
45 Southern coast near Aliki 46 Northern coast 47 Seagull
48 Seagull 49 Thasopoula island
50 Seagull 51 Keramoti beach 52 Keramoti beach 53 Ferry passengers 54 Seagulls
55 Ferry employee 56 Ferry arriving in Keramoti harbour 57 Ferry to Thassos
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