There are a number of nice parks in Munich, including the Hofgarten which is located north of the Marienplatz and extends into the English garden. In the north of Munich there is the Olympiapark, a large park with a pond which was set up for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Ostpark and Westpark are two parks in the east and west of Munich, while the Maximiliansanlage is a park along the Isar river.
01 Hofgarten 02 Hofgarten 03 Ostpark 04 Ostpark
05 Ostpark 06 Olympiapark 07 Olympiapark 08 Olympiapark pond
09 Olympiapark pond 10 Olympiapark pond 11 Olympiapark 12 Olympiapark
13 Olympiapark 14 Olympiapark
15 Olympiapark 16 Olympiapark 17 Olympiapark
18 Thai temple in Westpark 19 Westpark 20 Maximiliansanlage park 21 Maximiliansanlage park
22 Maximiliansanlage park 23 Maximiliansanlage park 24 Maximiliansanlage park 25 Maximiliansanlage park 26 Frank von Kobell statue
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