Lübeck is a former Hanseatic League city located along the river Trave, about 50km northeast from Hamburg and 20km from the Baltic sea coast. It was founded in the 12th century and quickly became a prospering trading centre in northern Europe and the "Queen City" of the Hanseatic League. Lübeck was heavily damaged during World War II, but due to postwar reconstruction efforts it nowadays has a well-preserved old city with 15th- and 16th-century patrician houses and other structures, such as the famous Holstentor gate in the west of the city, which is the emblem of Lübeck. The harbour of Lübeck is currently the largest German Baltic sea port. The historic centre of Lübeck has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987.
01 Holsten gate 02 Holstentor 03 Holsten gate 04 Holstentor 05 Holsten gate
06 Holsten gate 07 Brick wall houses along Trave river 08 Brick wall houses along Trave river 09 Holstentor tower 10 Brick wall houses along Trave river 11 Holsten gate
12 An der Obertrave waterfront 13 Salzspeicher brick buildings 14 Petrikirche 15 St Peter church
16 Luebeck skyline 17 St Mary church 18 Spires of St Mary church 19 Townhall with brick walls 20 Spire
21 Tourist sightseeing boat 22 Town hall 23 Market square
24 Town hall on market square 25 Town hall 26 Town hall 27 Town hall 28 Town hall rear view 29 Town hall
30 Pastry shop 31 Confectionery shop 32 Pastry shop
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