The East Point mall is a large and modern shopping mall located along the road between Tbilisi and the airport, 10km east of Tbilisi. The mall consists of two halves which are separated by a large, open air parking area (free parking). In the one half there is a Carrefour hypermarket, an Elit electronics store and other large stores selling specialised products. In the other half there is the actual mall which consists of a large building with three floors, containing shops, retail outlets, a food court and a children gaming area. This building is on a central square with a fountain. In the mall complex there are other buildings with just two floors, providing space to a number of fashion outlets. The mall is open daily from 10am to 10pm.
01 East Point mall 02 East Point mall
03 Inner court 04 East Point mall 05 Mall interior 06 East Point mall
07 East Point mall 08 East Point mall
09 Inner court 10 East Point mall 11 Pedestrian area 12 Pedestrian area
13 East Point mall 14 Fountain 15 Parking and hypermarket
16 Parking and hypermarket
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