Tbilisi lies on the banks of the Kura river in the east of Georgia. Its international airport lies 15km to the east of Tbiisi and receives 2.2 million passengers per year. The Shangri La casino lies in the old town, not faar from the peace bridge.
01 Tbilisi airport 02 Kura river 03 Tourist boats 04 Kura river
05 Kura river 06 Kura river 07 Kura river
08 Bridge of peace 09 Panorama view 10 Panorama view
11 Tbilisi skyline 12 Shangri La casino at night
13 Tbilisi airport 14 Tbilisi airport
15 Tbilisi airport 16 Tbilisi airport 17 Tbilisi airport departure hall
18 Tbilisi airport gate area 19 Tbilisi skyline
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