The historical core of Kutaisi is centered around the fountain square, with the picturesque Colchis fountain. It's a pleasant area which invites for walks across the park and the alleys. There are not too many old buildings here however. The international airport of Kutaisi is half an hour by car from Kutaisi. It is connected with flights to Tbilisi, Mestia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and several European cities (via the budget airline Wizz air).
01 Fountain square in the evening 02 Colchis fountain horses 03 Colchis fountain horses
04 Kutaisi skyline 05 TBC bank 06 Colchis fountain at night
07 Meskhishvili theatre at night 08 Fountain square 09 Colchis fountain
10 Colchis fountain 11 Colchis fountain 12 Kutaisi park 13 Open air clothes market 14 Bread seller
15 Kutaisi airport 16 Kutaisi airport 17 Kutaisi airport
18 Tourists walking to the plane 19 Airplane Kutaisi-Mestia 20 Opera theater 21 Shops in Shota Rustaveli avenue 22 Old woman selling vegetables
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