The 12th century Gelati monastery is located in the hills, a few km out of Kutaisi. It was founded in 1106 by King David IV of Georgia. The monastery is in a walled compound, which contains several buildings, most of them in a good preservation status. The interior of the main church is richly decorated and contains countless murals and frescos on the walls. King David IV is buried in the Gelati monastery. The monastery has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994.
01 Road with parking 02 Road to Gelati monastery 03 St Nicholas church 04 St Nicholas church 05 Clock tower 06 Clock tower
07 Green roof 08 Gelati cathedral interior 09 Windows and murals 10 Frescos 11 Sacristy
12 Windows and murals 13 Gelati cathedral interior 14 Frescos 15 Fresco of Christ Pantocrator 16 Gelati cathedral interior
17 Frescos 18 Windows and murals 19 Cathedral interior with frescos 20 Gelati cathedral interior 21 Frescos
22 Gelati monastery 23 St Nicholas church and belfry 24 Gate 25 Iron door
26 Iron door inscriptions 27 Trees 28 Belfry
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