The photos in this gallery show the area of Prague east of the Vltava river, where the town first started growing in the 11th century. Here 19th century neoclassical buildings blend with buildings built in earlier periods. To the north of the Old Town square lies Josefov, the Jewish quarter with its synagogues and old Jewish cemetery.
01 Municipal house (Obecni Dum) 02 Municipal house 03 Hotel Pariz 04 Hotel Pariz main entrance 05 Hotel Pariz facade detail
06 Powder tower 07 St James Church 08 Zelezna street 09 Old town 10 Old town
11 Zelezna street and pedestrian area 12 Stavovske theatre 13 Painted cow statues 14 Prague City Hall 15 Old town street 16 Church of the Holy Saviour
17 St Francis church and Krizovnicke square 18 Church of the Holy Saviour front side detail 19 Statue of Charles IV 20 Old town 21 Old jewish cemetery 22 Old jewish cemetery
23 Jewish town hall 24 Jewish quarter (Josefov)
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