A selection of pictures of the Prague castle and the Hradcany area. Prague's castle, situated on top of a hill west of the Vltava river, is the world's largest ancient castle in the world - 128 meters wide and 570 meters long. The castle dates back to the 9th centuries and was modified and expanded over several centuries. The last works took place in the early 20th century. The Hradcany is the area surrounding the castle.
01 Strahov monastery gate 02 Strahov monastery 03 Strahov monastery 04 Strahov monastery detail 05 Pear tree
06 Cernin palace and Loreta square 07 Loreta church 08 Loreta street towards the castle 09 Schwarzenberg palace
10 Hradcanske square with castle 11 Front view of Prague castle 12 Castle guard 13 Castle main gate 14 Main entrance
15 St Vitus cathedral and Holy Cross Chapel 16 St Vitus cathedral and Holy Cross Chapel 17 St Vitus cathedral front view 18 St Vitus cathedral 19 St Vitus cathedral clock tower 20 Decorated window
21 Stained glass window in St Vitus cathedral 22 St Vitus cathedral interior 23 St Vitus cathedral interior 24 St Vitus cathedral roof 25 Rooster 26 Tower 27 Tower
28 Building 29 Royal palace
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