Hoi An is very tourist oriented and is as such is full of restaurants, shops and artists galleries catering to an international crowd. Many shops sell silk items and offer tailor-made suits and clothes. Hoi An is an ideal place to relax for a few days, spending the time in restaurants and cafes and shopping for souvenirs and locally made handicrafts.
01 Paintings shop 02 Coloured pearls chains 03 Lanterns shop 04 Lanterns shop 05 Coloured Chinese lanterns
06 Silk shop 07 Restaurant balcony 08 Restaurant with balcony 09 Silk shops 10 Silk and souvenir shop 11 Souvenir shop interior
12 Pizzeria restaurant 13 Pizzeria restaurant 14 Silk and apparel shops 15 Silk and apparel shop 16 Tan Tan cafe
17 Tourists sitting in cafe at night 18 Bar restaurant at night 19 Bar restaurant at night
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