Chinese traders in Hoi An established clan houses (assembly halls), which had their own schools, temples, cemeteries and hospitals. Some of these assembly halls were dedicated to a particular deity and some contained a temple. The Guangdong assembly hall (Quang Dong Hoi Quan) served the Cantonese community in Hoi An and was dedicated to Quan Cong, a Chinese general. The All Chinese assembly hall (Ngu Bang Hoi Quan) was open to any Chinese trader or seaman.
01 Bicycle rickshaws near Guangdong assembly hall 02 Bicycle rickshaws near Guangdong assembly hall 03 Guangdong assembly hall gate 04 Guangdong assembly hall gate 05 Zhaoying hall gate
06 Chuaong hall 07 Dragon painting on Chuaong hall door 08 All Chinese assembly hall 09 All Chinese assembly hall
10 All Chinese assembly hall 11 Painted wall carving 12 Court with blue dragon sculptures and fountain
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