The Han river is a river in Central Vietnam, originating in the Quảng Nam mountains and ending in the South China sea in Danang. Several bridges in Danang cross the Han river. The most characteristic one is the Dragon bridge with a yellow dragon structure on it. On the western side of the Han river in Danang there is a nice promenade decorated in some spots with statues, with nice views of the river and the city.
01 Dragon bridge 02 Dragon bridge
03 Dragon bridge 04 Promenade 05 Riverside statue
06 Riverside walk 07 Lovers sculpture 08 Riverside statue
09 Dragon bridge
10 Dragon bridge at dusk
11 Han river at night
12 Han river at night 13 Han river bridge at night
14 Han river panorama 15 Han river at night
16 Han river skyline 17 Skyscraper waterfront
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