The Am Phu cave is actually a complex of several caves in the Marble mountains, connected by passages in the rock. There is a main entrance facing the street (ticket needed) with a staircase leading to an opening in the rock. The walls along the corridors and the caves are decorated with statues and stone carvings. The largest cave in Am Phu is much smaller than the Huyen Khong cave. From here a passage leads to a deeper section in the cave system, while another passage leads via a staircase to the open air, from where there is a nice panoramic view over the surroundings. Everywhere in the cave there are shrines and altars.
01 Staircase to the entrance 02 Cave entrance 03 Wall statue 04 Am Phu cave 05 Goddess shrine 06 Illuminated wheel of life
07 Nine gods shrine 08 Sam Hoi Dai altar 09 Am Phu cave 10 Am Phu cave 11 Illuminated wheel of life
12 The spiritual scale 13 Am Phu cave 14 Am Phu cave 15 Staircase 16 Am Phu cave 17 Staircase
18 Am Phu cave 19 Buddha shrine 20 Rock statues 21 Cave altar
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