Kanchanaburi is a province in Thailand located about 130km west of Bangkok and extending until the border to Myanmar. The province extends from the central plains until the Tenasserim Hills mountain range and covers an area of almost 20000km. Being along the invasion route of the Burmese armies, Kanchanaburi was the site of several battles between Burma and Siam in the 18th and 19th centuries.
From a tourist perspective Kanchanaburi has a number of historical (mainly World War II) sites and some national parks in the western mountain range. The Bridge over the River Kwai near Kanchanaburi city was built by British prisoners during World War II along the railway from Thailand to Myanmar. It attracts a large number of tourists today.
The Erawan national park lies in the Tenasserim Hills along the border to Myanmar and covers an area of 550 kmĀ². It has some nice rainforest and some wildlife, which includes large mammals. The highlight are the Erawan waterfalls, where visitors can swim in a series of large water pools.
How to get to Kanchanaburi province
The simplest way to travel overland, either by car or bus, starting in Bangkok.
There are many hotels, mostly bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Kwai river bridge parking 02 Kwai river bridge
03 Bridge over Kwai river
04 Kwai river bridge 05 Bridge over Kwai river 06 Kwai river bridge
07 Bridge over Kwai river 08 Kwai river 09 Khwae Yai river 10 Kwai river
11 Wihan Phra Phothisat Kuan Im Buddhist temple 12 Raiway bridge over Kwai river 13 Raiway bridge over Kwai river 14 Srinagarind dam power station
15  Khwae Yai river 16  Khwae Yai river 17 Srinagarind dam
18 Sinakharin lake 19 Srinagarind dam
20 Erawan national park 21 Wild boar 22 Erawan waterfall 23 Erawan waterfall
24 Erawan waterfall 25 Erawan waterfall 26 Erawan national park 27 Erawan waterfall 28 Erawan waterfall
29 Erawan waterfall pool 30 Tham Kaew Kanchanaphisek temple 31 View over Kanchanaburi plains
32 View over Kanchanaburi plains 33 Crystal cave 34 Crystal cave
35 Crystal cave 36 Crystal cave 37 Crystal cave entrance 38 Giant rain tree 39 Giant rain tree
40 Giant raintree 41 Giant rain tree 42 Giant rain tree
43 Giant rain tree 44 Wat Tham Khao Noi temple 45 Wat Tham Khao Noi temple
46 View over rice fields and Wat Tham Khao Noi temple
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