The Taroko national park is located on the east coast of Taiwan, about 20km north of Hualian. It includes the Taroko gorge, one of the major natural attractions of Taiwan. The gorge consists mainly of marble rock, through which the Liwu river carved its way over time thereby creating the gorge. The gorge is very narrow and steep in certain spots. A public bus in Hualian brings visitors to the gorge and stops in a number of places along the way. Another natural highlight of the Taroko national park are the Qingshui cliffs, which start immediately north of the gorge. Here steep, 800m high cliffs plunge into the Pacific ocean.
01 Taroko gorge 02 Taroko gorge 03 Changchun eternal spring shrine 04 Taroko gorge 05 Taroko gorge
06 Staircase 07 Gods statues in cave 08 Path 09 Changchun eternal spring shrine
10 Qingshui cliffs 11 Parking near Qingshui viewpoint 12 Qingshui cliffs 13 Qingshui cliffs
14 Qingshui cliffs 15 Qingshui cliffs 16 Qingshui cliffs 17 Coastal road near Qingshui cliffs 18 Coastal road near Qingshui cliffs
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