Ruisui is a small town on the east coast of Taiwan, in a valley about 50km south of Hualien. Ruisui is known for its hot springs which are rich in iron and give the water a yellowish tint. The spring water emerges from the ground at 48°C and has a slightly salty, rusty taste. It is the only carbonate hot spring in Taiwan. Ruisui was first developed in 1919, when a public bathing area and Japanese-style hotel were set up. Nowadays there are several establishments in and around Ruisui offering thermal baths. SOme offer private cabins, others offer open air baths. Ruisui can be reached by train from Hualian.
01 Rice paddies 02 Trains in Ruisui 03 Ruisui train station
04 In front of the train station 05 Street 06 Hot spring 07 Hot spring
08 Train ticket 09 Betel nut palm trees
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