The Chung Tai Chan temple (中台禪寺 / 中台禅寺 or Zhōng tái chán sì in Chinese) is a Buddhist monastery located about 40km southeast of Taichung, in Puli in the mountains in central Taiwan. Construction of the monastery began in 1995 and was completed in 2001. With a height of 136m it is the tallest and one of the largest temples and monasteries in Taiwan. The temple focuses on Chan (Chinese Zen) Buddhism. It's design is rather modern and relatively devoid of ornaments. Near the main building there is small museum.
01 Golden Lotus tower 02 Chung Tai museum 03 Tower 04 Bridge
05 Bridge 06 Pond 07 Central temple 08 Door
09 Red lion 10 Altar 11 Four-faced god 12 Buddha statue 13 Vase
14 Pink statue 15 Pink statue 16 Buddha statue 17 Aabaster lamp 18 Main door 19 Chinese god
20 Central temple 21 Park with Buddha statue
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