The Guandu temple (in Chinese: Guāndù Gōng 關渡宮) lies to the northwest of Taipei, in Danshui along the river. Dating back to 1661, it is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Taiwan. The temple consists of an impressive structure, built into the side of the mountain and extending over several levels. An internal tunnel lines with images of deities leads up from the main entrance along the river to the higher levels. The temple is very richly decorated and is dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu.
01 Guandu temple 02 Guandu temple 03 Guandu temple 04 Guandu temple 05 Decorated roof
06 Stone carving 07 Altar and light pillars 08 Monk performing ceremony 09 Tunnel with images of gods 10 Tunnel with images of gods
11 Tunnel with images of gods 12 Altar with golden Buddha statue 13 Golden Buddha statue 14 Incense sticks pot 15 Stone crving with bird 16 Corridor to main temple hall
17 Round entrance to main hall 18 Lion statue on roof 19 Fish statue on roof
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