The Confucius temple is located in central Tainan in a walled compound with a small park in which also a school and the former Japanese Martial Arts Hall are sited. The temple was built in 1665 by Cheng Ching, son of Koxinga as a centre of Confucian studies. The entrance to the temple is free, although a small fee is charged for the central palace area. The temple is relatively void of decorations, as it is not used as a centre of worship. The Confucius temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Tainan.
01 Entrance 02 View of the central compound 03 Central hall
04 Inner court with Central Hall 05 Roof of Central Hall 06 Inside the central compound
07 Inside the Central Hall 08 Altar in Central Hall 09 Central Hall doors 10 Door to the central compound
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