The central area of Tainan hosts a number of historic sites. The major one are the Chihkan towers, formerly known as Fort Provintia or Sakam Tower, Chìkǎnlóu in Chinese(赤崁樓). This was a fortress the Dutch built in 1653, then converted to Chinese style. The national museum of Taiwan literature contains exhibits of local literature. The Great South Gate (in Chinese: 大南門城 Dà Nánmén Chéng) is the only remaining gate with a section of the old city walls.
01 Statue of Dutch surrender to Koxinga forces in Chihkan towers 02 Chihkan towers garden 03 Chihkan towers 04 Chihkan towers 05 Chihkan towers
06 Red bus 07 Far Eastern department store 08 Christian church 09 National museum of Taiwan literature 10 Obese dog
11 Butokuden martial arts hall 12 Street with shops 13 South gate 14 South gate 15 Christian church
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