The Matsu temple (Chinese: 大天后宮 Dà Tiānhòu Gōng, i.e. the Grand Sea Goddess temple) once served palace of Ning Jin, the last king of the Ming dynasty. It is located near the Chihkan towers and the Official God of War temple. The Dongyue temple (Chinese: 東嶽殿 Dōngyuè Diàn, i.e. God of Hell temple) was built in 1673 and is dedicated to gods and demons of the underworld. Believers often come here to communicate with the dead through spirit mediums. The City God temple (Chinese: 府城隍廟 Fuchenghuang Miao) was built in 1669 and is dedicated to the city god Chenghuang.
01 Matsu temple altar 02 Matsu temple 03 Matsu temple 04 Matsu temple 05 Matsu temple
06 Dongyue temple 07 Incense pot in Dongyue temple 08 Dongyue temple statues 09 People praying in Dongyue temple 10 Statues of Chinese gods in Dongyue temple
11 City God temple 12 City God temple 13 Board with Chinese characters in City God temple 14 Boards with Chinese characters in City God temple 15 Bust of Chinese god in City God temple
16 Woman praying in City God temple 17 Wish pagoda lights in City God temple
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