The castle of Lulin is on a small hill northeast of the old town. The current structure dates back to the 16th century, but was completely reconstructed between 1826 and 1828 in English neogothic style. The outer walls of the castle are completely white. Inside the castle there is a defensive tower and a chapel.
01 Lublin castle 02 Lublin castle 03 Lublin castle main entrance 04 Keep and the Holy Trinity chapel
05 Lublin castle 06 Lublin castle 07 Castle square
08 Lublin castle 09 Castle park 10 Castle park 11 Lublin castle
12 Flag of Poland 13 Vivo Lublin shopping mall 14 Lublin castle at night
15 Castle square 16 Castle square 17 Lublin castle at night
18 Lublin castle at night 19 Castle inner court 20 Holy Trinity chapel 21 Castle square
22 Bridge to old town 23 Bridge to old town 24 Bridge to old town
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