Lublin has a small, but attractive historic centre, located southwest of the castle. There is a market square (Rynek) with restaurants and more restaurants and shops along the Grodzka street pedestrian area and Po Farze square. The Krakowska gate in the southwest leads into a more modern part of the city with a large pedestrian area.
01 Crown tribunal 02 Chociszewska house on Rynek square 03 Rynek market square 04 Rynek market square
05 Krakowska gate 06 Lokietka square with Krakowska gate 07 Krakowska gate 08 Krakowska gate
09 Rynek market square 10 House facades on Rynek square 11 House facades on Rynek square 12 Blue house on Rynek square 13 Rynek square
14 Trinitarian tower 15 Po Farze square 16 Grodzka street pedestrian area 17 Grodzka street pedestrian area 18 Po Farze square 19 Town hall
20 Town hall 21 Krakowska gate at night 22 Krakowska gate at night 23 Krakowska gate at night 24 Krakowska gate at night 25 Krakowska gate at night
26 Krakowska gate at night 27 Crown tribunal 28 Rynek market square 29 Restaurants on Rynek square
30 Restaurants on Rynek square 31 Po Farze square
32 Po Farze square 33 Grodzka street pedestrian area 34 Grodzka street pedestrian area
35 Grodzka street pedestrian area 36 Grodzka gate 37 Grodzka gate
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