From the old town, crossing the Krakowska gate leads into a ore modern part of the city with a large pedestrian area (the Krakowskie pedestrian area). Here, on Litewski square, after dark there is a light and water show. The Lublin new town hall was built in classical architectural style between 1827 and 1828.
01 New town hall 02 Mini Fontanna 03 Church of Holy Spirit 04 Krakowskie pedestrian area 05 Bubble tea shop
06 Litewski square 07 Litewski square with Jozef Pilsudski statue
08 Litewski square
09 Krakowskie pedestrian area 10 Krakowskie pedestrian area 11 I love Lublin 12 Fountain
13 Litewski square at night 14 Fontanna Multimedialna 15 Colourful light fountain at night 16 Fontanna Multimedialna
17 Colourful light fountain at night 18 Fontanna Multimedialna 19 Fontanna Multimedialna 20 Grand hotel Lublinianka 21 Grand hotel Lublinianka
22 I love Lublin 23 Light and fountain show 24 Light and fountain show 25 Light and fountain show
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