Cebu City lies at the centre of the eastern coast of Cebu island. It has over 800000 inhabitants, while the metropolitan area including it has 2.5 million inhabitants and is the second most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines after the Manila one. Cebu City is a major economic and cultural centre in the Philippines. It was established in 1200 and became a Spanish colony in 1565. From a tourist perspective the city is unremarkable, but it is relatively pleasant and easy to explore.
01 Pedestriann area near Fort San Pedro 02 Pedestriann area near Fort San Pedro 03 Islands souvenir shop 04 Colegio del Santo Nino 05 Pedestrian area near basilica
06 Jeepney 07 Jeepney 08 People burning candles 09 People burning candles
10 City hall 11 Ayala shopping mall 12 Fast food delivery motorbike 13 Parkmall shopping mall
14 Parkmall shopping mall 15 JY Square mall 16 Mormon church
17 Mormon church 18 Fast food restaurant 19 Parkmall mall at night
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