Hell is a small city with a train station 33km east of Trondheim. One of the buildings is called "Hell - Gods expedition". Lianvatnet is a small lake with a nicely forested shore located 8km southwest of Trondheim. There is a circular path along the lake and a beach area.
01 Hell train station 02 Hell gods expedition 03 Hell train station 04 Hell train station
05 City Syd shopping mall 06 City Syd shopping mall 07 City Syd shopping mall
08 Wooden house near Fannrem 09 Lianvatnet forest trail 10 Lianvatnet lake
11 Lianvatnet lake 12 Lianvatnet lake 13 Lianvatnet lake 14 Lianvatnet house with grass covered roof
15 Lianvatnet lake 16 S-train 17 Rural scenery near Fannrem
18 Wooden house near Fannrem
19 Trondheim skyline
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