Trondheim has about 1000 years of history. It was founded as Kaupangen by king Olav Tryggvason in 997 AD. The city was renamed to Nidaros and became the capital of Norway until 1217. Trondheim has a number of historic buildings, the most significant being the Nidaros cathedral, which was built between 1070 and 1300. The ruins of the Kristiansten fortress, built between 1682 and 1684, are on a hill overlooking the city from the east. The Vår Frue Church is a stone church built in Romanesque and Gothic styles in the late medieval period at the end of the 12th century.
01 Var Frue church tower 02 Var Frue church 03 Stiftsgarden royal residence 04 Stiftsgarden royal residence 05 Nidaros cathedral
06 Nidaros cathedral 07 Nidaros cathedral tower 08 Nidaros cathedral facade detail 09 Nidaros cathedral facade detail 10 Nidaros cathedral facade detail
11 Nidaros cathedral park 12 Kristiansten fortress defensive tower 13 Kristiansten fortress
14 Kristiansten fortress 15 Kristiansten fortress defensive tower 16 Norwegian University of Science and Technology 17 Nidaros cathedral park
18 Nidaros cathedral 19 Nidaros cathedral tower 20 Nidaros cathedral 21 Nidaros cathedral 22 Nidaros cathedral 23 Nidaros cathedral facade detail
24 Nidaros cathedral facade detail 25 Statue in Nidaros cathedral park 26 Town hall 27 Town hall park 28 Bibliotek library
29 Var Frue church 30 Bispehaugen school 31 Gate to Kristiansten fortress 32 Kristiansten fortress defensive tower
33 Kristiansten fortress 34 Trondheim art museum 35 Statue near art museum
36 Archbishop palace
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