The Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is an open air museum with more than 80 historical buildings (mostly old urban and rural wooden houses and some farms) from various parts of Norway. It is located a few km west of Trondheim, around the ruins of King Sverre’s castle, which date back to 1183. It mainly consists of old buildings of the city of Trondheim, a number of farm buildings from Norway, the castle ruins and the wooden church of Lo. The museum also has a building with some exhibits.
01 Museum room 02 Loom 03 Wooden sledges 04 Historic pharmacy
05 Trondheim old town 06 Trondheim old town 07 Trondheim old town 08 Trondheim old town
09 Klaet house 10 Meraker farm house 11 Meraker farm house 12 Meraker farm
13 Meraker farm house interior 14 Crofter house 15 Stable 16 Stable
17 Horses stable 18 Farm house 19 Oppdal farm 20 Wooden farm house
21 Sverre castle ruins 22 Sverre castle ruins
23 Sverre castle ruins 24 Sverresborg open air museum 25 Grass covered roofs 26 Wooden Lo church
27 Lo church roof
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