Moskenesøya is the southernmost island of the Lofoten archipelago. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with may bays and steep cliffs everywhere. Most settlements are on the eastern side of Moskenesøya. Reine and Å i Lofoten are two picturesque fishermen villages with red fishermen huts ("rorbuer" in Norwegian). Moskenesøya is perhaps the most touristy of the Lofoten island. The city of Moskenes has a car ferry connection to Bodø (4 hours trip).
01 Fredvang harbour 02 Boats in Fredvang harbour 03 Fredvang harbour 04 Akkarviktinden mountain
05 Reine 06 Reine
07 Reine bay 08 Rorbu huts in Reine
09 Reine bay 10 Olstinden mountain
11 Fish drying rack in Reine 12 Tapperiet cafe in Reine 13 Rorbu huts in Reine
14 Rorbu huts in Reine 15 Reine bay
16 Reine bay
17 Rorbu huts in Reine 18 Sports shop in Reine 19 Reine harbour
20 Reine harbour 21 Reine harbour 22 Reine 23 Å i Lofoten
24 Å i Lofoten 25 Rorbu guesthouse in Å harbour 26 Yellow flowers 27 Trees in Å village
28 Seagull nests on roof 29 Å i Lofoten harbour area 30 Å i Lofoten pier 31 Å i Lofoten pier
32 Å i Lofoten harbour area 33 Å i Lofoten harbour area 34 Å i Lofoten pier 35 Å i Lofoten harbour area
36 Å i Lofoten 37 Stockfish museum in Å i Lofoten 38 Rorbu huts in Å i Lofoten 39 Moskenes harbour parking area 40 Moskenes church
41 Moskenes-Bodo ferry 42 Moskenes-Bodo ferry 43 Moskenes 44 Moskenes harbour
45 Moskenes ferry terminal 46 Eastern coast 47 Eastern coast
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