Vestvågøya is a large island (411km² area) of Lofoten archipelago, centrally located between the Austvågøya and Flakstadøya islands. In the centre, the terrain is more flat compared to other Lofoten islands, allowing more agricultural use. Along the northwest coast towards the Atlantic ocean there are a number of beaches. In Borg there is a party open air Viking museum, with some interesting exhibits and outdoor activities.
01 Kongsjordpollen bay 02 Brustranda camping huts near Valberg 03 Kongsjordpollen bay
04 Lofoten Viking museum in Borg 05 Forest trail 06 Viking ship replica
07 Lofoten Viking museum in Borg 08 Lofoten Viking museum in Borg 09 Lofoten Viking museum in Borg 10 Horses
11 Road to Eggum 12 Jellvollstinden mountain
13 Ytterpollen bay 14 Eggum
15 Middagsheia hill in Eggum 16 Middagsheia hill in Eggum 17 Middagsheia hill in Eggum
18 Unstad bay and beach 19 Unstad bay
20 Kleivheia promontory 21 Unstad beach
22 Unstad beach 23 Haukland beach 24 Haukland white sand beach
25 Haukland beach 26 Haukland beach 27 Haukland beach
28 Haukland white sand beach
29 Haukland white sand beach
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