Flakstadøya is an island with 110km² in the Lofoten group. Its terrain is mostly mountainous, with only a few small valleys. The fishermen village of Nusfjord is a picturesque small village with restored fishemen houses located in a scenic bay. Parking is free, but there is an entrance fee of 100 NOK per person. The other highlight of Flakstadøya is the beautiful, semi-circular white sand beach in Ramberg. With the mountain chain in the background it's a very scenic place. The bay is quite shallow.
01 Storvatnet valley 02 Storvatnet valley 03 Storvatnet valley
04 Flakstadpollen and Flakstadtinden
05 Flakstadpollen and Flakstadtinden 06 Flakstadtinden mountain
07 Road to Nusfjord 08 Stjerntinden mountain 09 Stjerntinden mountain
10 Waterfall 11 Kollfjellet mountain 12 Kollfjellet mountain 13 Kollfjellet mountain
14 Stjerntinden and Storvatnet lake 15 Nusfjord 16 Nusfjord 17 Nusfjord
18 Nusfjord 19 Houses in Nusfjord 20 Rorbu unit in Nusfjord
21 Nusfjord 22 Rorbu fishing huts in Nusfjord
23 Nusfjord harbour 24 Rorbu fishing huts in Nusfjord
25 Houses in Nusfjord 26 Houses in Nusfjord 27 Rorbuer in Nusfjord
28 Rorbu fishing huts in Nusfjord 29 Boat house in Nusfjord 30 Rorbu fishing huts in Nusfjord
32 Boat house in Nusfjord 32 Nusfjord bay 33 Flakstad cemetery
34 Lofoten beach camp 35 Ramberg beach 36 Ramberg white sand beach
37 Ramberg white sand beach 38 Ramberg beach 39 Ramberg beach
40 Ramberg beach 41 Ramberg beach 42 Ramberg beach 43 Ramberg beach
44 Houses in Ramberg 45 Ramberg beach 46 Ramberg beach 47 Ramberg beach
48 Ramberg beach 49 Ramberg white sand beach
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