A selection of pictures of Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. In 1755 King Alaungpaya captured the village of Dagon from the Mon and renamed it Yangon. Yangon became the capital of Myanmar in 1885 after the British united Upper and Lower Burma, after the second Anglo-Burmese war. Yangon was then rebuilt from scratch on a grid system, with wide tree-lined streets. It quickly became a booming trading centre, attracting Chinese, Indians, Malays and Thais.
Since Yangon wasn't further developed in the past decades, many buildings are in a state of decay. But herein lies also the special appeal of Yangon, meaning that its colonial past is still intact and hasn't been replaced by modern buildings.
01 Dhamma Zedi road 02 Street 03 Tee tables 04 Ayeyarwady river quay 05 Bus
06 Customs house 07 Strand hotel 08 Road 09 Rickshaw 10 Yangon traffic
11 Holy Trinity cathedral church 12 Downtown Yangon 13 Downtown Yangon 14 FMI shopping complex 15 Indian movies
16 Burmese movie
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